Reservation Policies

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A guarantee or a payment of 100% that is issued with the card information that you provide to us, is necessary to confirm the reservation and the payment is applied according to your cancellation policy.
If you prefer payment in cash at check-in you can pay with USD or MXN and the payment is returned with the card.

If the credit card provided does not allow the issuance of the guarantee or payment, the customer will be notified no more than 2 times, upon receiving no changes or other payment methods, the hotel will have the right to cancel the reservation.

After the first night that a client does not arrive, it is a NO SHOW reservation and the hotel can return the room for sale, if a client arrives a day later or more, without prior notice, the reservation is no longer active .

Payment by credit card is in Mexican peso at the exchange rate in use at the hotel.

The sale price is in USD, the price in another currency may be different at the time of payment.


There is no refund regarding: cancellations during vacations, due to illness, cancellation of flights, strikes, labor conflicts, acts of terrorism, acts of war or declared war, hurricanes or natural events and any inconvenience this may cause , for any weather conditions.

After the first night a customer does not arrive, it is a NO SHOW reservation and the room is free to sell, if a customer arrives a day later or more, the reservation is no longer active.

Clients who rent a room at the Hotel Posada 06 Tulum, accept and agree to comply with all the terms and regulations set forth in this document and agree to be reimbursed in accordance with the clauses.